A UX Discourse with a title “HCI Methods on Data Acquisition for Society 5.0” has been organised and held on 27th September 2019, 9.00am to 12.30pm at Problem Based Learning (PBL) Lab at Kuliyyah of Information and Communication Technology (KICT), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). It is a collaborative effort with MyHCI-UX, Perceptive And Sentiment Computing Group (PSCG), KICT, IIUM, Gombak Campus.

This UX Discourse is initiated to disseminate and share knowledge of HCI with members and non-member. As the emerging of IR4.0 and Society 5.0 post some new challenges for HCI, therefore; the topic on the current issues HCI methods in addressing data collection for society 5.0 has been selected. 

As agreed in the MyHCI-UX committee meeting, the best person to discuss the topic is Dr Norlaila Md Noor who is a retired Professor from UiTM. She has been specialising on HCI for many years. She is the honorary member for MyHCI-UX and has been instrumental for MyHCI-UX.  She is passionate about HCI related subjects. While serving UiTM, she was the founding members of iUSEr Conference. Though she has retired, she is still active sharing and contributing her ideas in the society. During her service as a Professor at UiTM, she researched into HCI,  affective design, design science, HCI in MIS, Gerontechnology, Strategic IT management, service science and technology, IT entrepreneurship, Social Informatics: community informatics, development informatics. She was also actively involved in curriculum development for both UG and PG programme. 

The event was well-received and attended by 37 participants from various universities including the host IIUM, UPM, UKM, UKM-IVIC, UPSI, UUM, UTM, UTP, UM, MMU, IIUM-Kuantan Campus, UiTM Shah Alam, UiTM Melaka and Individual. 

Some of the propose topics for the next UX Discourse are surrounding examination of HCI Thesis (Masters, PhD) and HCI curriculum Guidelines

With approval from MyHCI-UX committee, this event was organized with the support of the subcommittee members from IIUM, UUM, MMU and Dropee.